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i. Election of officers of the Association shall be held at intervals of two (2) years.

ii. The Executive Council shall set up, for the purpose of conducting elections into offices of the Association, an Electoral Committee consisting of five (5) Old Igbobians, whose Chairman MUST be mature, and of impeccable character.

iii. The Electoral Committee shall have the power to enforce provisions of Article 15. It shall also have power to mete out sanctions to All or Any of the candidates who violate any of the provisions of this Article, including but not limited to disqualification from the electoral process. The decision of the Electoral Committee in all matters relating to the organization and conduct of the elections including the declaration of the winners and handing out of corrective and disciplinary measures to all candidates SHALL be FINAL.

iv. The Electoral Committee shall put up Notices on the ICOBA website, Secretariat Notice Board(s), and send same to all Old Igbobian listed on the ICOBA Database, Class-Set and Branches/Chapters representatives listed in the secretariat’s directory, requesting for nominations into the executive positions of the Association, not less than thirty (30) calendar days before the elections.

v. Candidates MUST obtain and complete an Intention-to-Contest/ Nomination Form that shall be designed by the Electoral Committee, requesting detailed information about the candidates, including a 5’’x7’’ Portrait Photograph, and Names and School-Sets of the proposer and seconder of the candidate.

vi. Completed Intention-to -Contest/Nomination Form MUST be sent to the Electoral Committee at OR to the Chairman, ICOBA Electoral Committee, ICOBA HOUSE, Lagos and SHALL be accompanied by a complete Resume/CV and a 5’’x7’’ Portrait Photograph of the Nominee.

vii. Nominations SHALL close 0.00 HRS Nigerian Time, fourteen (14) calendar days before the date of the election. viii. The duly completed Intention-to-Contest/Nomination form and Resume/CV of each candidate SHALL be displayed on the ICOBA website and Secretariat Notice Board(s) from the close of nominations till 0.00 HRS on the day of Elections (i.e. 14 days).

ix. All Old Igbobians who are RESIDENT in Nigeria are eligible to stand for election into all the positions in the ICOBA Executive Council, except the post of 2nd Vice President which is open to all the ICOBA Branches/ Chapters in Nigeria and Overseas, and whose occupant shall attend at least one (1) ICOBA Council Meeting/ICOBA activity in a calendar year.

x. Campaigns shall open 0.00 HRS Nigerian Time, fourteen (14) calendar days before the date of elections, and close 0.00 HRS Nigerian Time on the day of election (i.e. 14days).

xi. Mode of campaigns shall be limited to the use of the internet, and SHALL under no circumstances take place on the college premises. Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, Posters and Handbills SHALL NOT BE used for campaigns.

xii. Candidates SHALL maintain Decorum and Decency before, during and after the elections.

xiii. Voting SHALL be by Secret Ballot or Online via the ICOBA website, using the procedure stated in Clause 15(xiv) below.

xiv. Online voting shall COMMENCE at 0.00 HRS Nigerian Time and CLOSE at 12.00 HRS Nigerian Time on the day of elections, to allow for the Annual General Meeting. Thereafter, Online voting shall REOPEN at 14.00HRS Nigerian Time and END at 16.00 HRS same day. The Chairman of the Electoral Committee or his nominee, who MUST be a member of the Electoral Committee SHALL announce the results of the elections to members present at the AGM at the close of polling and results MUST also be posted on the ICOBA website thereafter.

xv. Only financial members of the Association shall be entitled to propose and second nominees, vote, and be-voted for. 


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