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Igbobi College, Yaba marked its 85th Founders’ Day anniversary with the usual style and aplomb. The two-day activity started on Thursday February 2nd 2017 with a Communion Service at the Rev Canon Parker Chapel and ended with the prestigious... Full Article

Dear Noble Nigerians,

I am pleased to announce the activities marking the 85th Founders' Day of our alma mater.
1) Thursday February 2: Communion Service at the Rev. Reginald Parker Chapel. Time is 9am. Th... Full Article

December 17, 2016 04:55:19am

The annual ICOBA Christmas Carol service returned this season with a bang.

The colourful and soulful event, sponsored by ICOBA 1973-77/79 Set, was held on Sunday ... Full Article

December 8, 2016 08:46:41am

The ICOBA Christmas Carol service is back and back with a bang. The annual event, which had fizzled out in recent years, is being revived by the energetic enthusiasm of ICOBA 19... Full Article

September 23, 2016 21:14:11pm

Nominations are hereby invited for the ICOBA MERIT AWARDS at the 85th Founders’ Day Anniversary Celebrations coming up in February 2017.

Recommendations are to b... Full Article

September 23, 2016 21:14:03pm

Dear Igbobians,

Kindly download the memorandum in the below link for distribution to the sets and branches that you belong.

Please note the closing date and the requirements.

I wish you well.

... Full Article

September 23, 2016 10:01:49am

Dear Noble Nigerian,

On behalf of the President & Members of the Executive Council,  I thank all those  that were able to attend the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Our special appreciation goes to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, His Lordship  Justice Duro Adebiyi rtd, Mr. Bode Thorpe, member, Board of Trustees, past Presidents, branch & set chairmen/secretaries, past executive counc... Full Article

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