ICOBA 2023 Elections FAQ

ICOBA 2023 Elections FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions
1. When is the deadline for registering as a member of ICOBA to participate in the online election?
00:00 hour (WAT) – September 14th, 2023.
2. When is the deadline for payment of set dues and membership dues to ICOBA to participate in the online election?
23:59hrs September 13th, 2023.
3. When is the general election?
Saturday 16th September, 2023.
4. When is the voting period?
From 00:0hrs 16th September to 16:00hrs 16th September 2023 with a break between 12:00hrs and 14:00hrs for AGM.
5. When I receive an activation email link from ICOBA, what should I do?
Click on the link to activate your account before proceeding to login.
6. Why should I update my ICOBA account?
You need to update your account and make payment for your name to appear on the voters’ register and gain access to the voting platform.
7. I can’t remember my login email and password, what should I do?
Please send a private email to help@icobainternational.org
8. How can I retrieve my password?
Visit ICOBA web portal (https://icobainternational.org), navigate to Membership Menu go to login to portal page and click on the *Forgot Password* Button.
9. Can I vote if my Set is not registered with ICOBA?
No, you cannot vote.
10. Would I be allowed to vote If I paid my individual membership dues but my Set failed to pay our set dues?
No, you will not be allowed to vote.
11. What is a Member ID?
ICOBA Member ID is a unique ID issued to members for purpose of identification.
12. How do I vote?
You need to login to ICOBA membership portal, then access the voting platform to vote.
13. How do I confirm that I am qualified to vote?
You can confirm your eligibility by accessing your account on ICOBA web portal.
14. How do I log on to the ICOBA website (membership portal)?
Visit: https://icobainternational.org navigate to Membership Menu select login to portal to access the portal.
15. Can I vote with a smartphone device and Laptop?
Yes, you can.
16. How will I know if I have successfully voted?
You will get a confirmation on the voting platform.
17. How many times can I vote?
18. Can I vote on behalf of my classmate?
No, you cannot
19. Why is ICOBA using an electronic method to conduct the election?
To encourage full participation of members worldwide, and it’s a current trend.
20. When will the results be announced?
At the AGM (Annual General Meeting), on Saturday 16th September 2023, approximately 16.00 hours (WAT).
21. Will technical support be provided to members during the ICOBA General Elections?
Yes, technical support will be provided to members on the phone lines provided.
22. Can multiple people vote on a single device?
No, voting can only be accepted by user per device.
23. Will registration of members be permitted on election day?
24. How do I know that I’m qualified to vote on election day?
Your name will appear on the voters register of your set.
25. How do I upload my picture to complete my registration?
We advise you use a laptop and not a phone to easily achieve this.
Login into your profile, ensure you have resized your photograph to the required dimension *Width:400pixels by Height: 500pixels* in jpg. Upload photograph, drag over the uploaded photo to crop and save.
Note: Please carefully follow the instructions provided on the photo upload page and use a laptop.
26. How do I access the help desk?
Send a mail to; help@icobainternational.org or call: +234 7025008523
27. How can I make payment to ICOBA?
You can make payments to ICOBA through the Web Portal or pay directly to ICOBA account;
Account no.: 0001228804 by Online Transfer
Make sure you indicate your names and set clearly on the teller slip or in your description column.
28. Can I pay using short code transfers like 737, 828 etc?
No, not permitted. 
29. Can a Set, Branch or Chapter Chairman sign his Nomination Form as Set, Branch or Chapter Chairman  if contesting. 
No. The Vice Chairman of the Set, Branch or Chapter should sign in such cases/situations
30. I paid through the portal, it was successful but it is still showing that I am owing on my dashboard, what should I do?

Your payment is pending, click on View All on Recent Transactions and refresh the Payment’s reference ID.

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